Visit Us / Link Tours

You are invited to take a behind-the-scenes look at Neighbourhood Link Support Services. It’s a two-hour tour of our properties, our services and an inside look at a community that, that in all likelihood, you’ve never seen before.

Take a look at the great resources Neighbourhood Link provides for newcomers, employment seekers and the whole community.

It’s an up-close look at the various environments we provide for our senior population. You will visit the kitchens and dining rooms where neighbours get together for community dinners and the classrooms where out-of-work individuals learn how to get back in the workforce. You will have the opportunity to see how we welcome newcomers to Canada. You will meet our caring professionals, our dedicated volunteers and our Executive Director, Mary McGowan.

To arrange a tour, contact:
Lorie Fairburn
Development and Marketing Manager
(416) 691-7407

The Link Tour. See your community in an entirely new way.