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Neighbourhood Link periodically publishes and distributes newsletters, bulletins, mailers and other documents, some for the general public and others targeted to specific groups and programs within the agency. Check this page regularly for selections. Contact us if you have requests or questions regarding our publications, or if you would like to contribute articles or other material.

Do you know a neighbourhood hero?Outreach_web

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the hero who rescues a child burning from a building or saves someone from drowning. There’s the hero who stops to help a stranger change a tire or saves a choking victim. Less visible are the “under-the-radar” heroes; those who are first in line to answer the call of the community.

These are our “neighbourhood heroes”, who toil away at all sorts of tasks everyday, with efforts often going unnoticed. They volunteer their time or donate money so that meals get to seniors, students attend after-school programs, newcomers are helped with conversational English, young athletes receive coaching and valuable résumé advice is given to job seekers.

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Enjoy our latest newsletter, Neighbours Helping Neighbours. While Neighbourhood Link Support Services receives funding from the United Way and the three levels of government, the most meaningful contribution made each year is from concerned and compassionate neighbours like you. Your gift – donations and volunteering – is put to work immediately, helping seniors, youth, newcomers and adults with a continuum of practical assistance.


Here is the current issue in Cantonese and Mandarin of the monthly newsletter from our Pui Hong Chinese Seniors Program.









Pui Hong Chinese Seniors Program newsletter

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