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The Newcomer Support programs at Neighbourhood Link assist newcomers to integrate into Canadian society. Activity-based programs are offered that include English conversation, computer training, how to navigate Canadian systems, and the promotion of health and wellness. Incorporated into each program are outings into the community at large, guest speakers, and leadership and volunteer opportunities.

Beginners Computer and Keyboarding
This basic computer class helps newcomers to learn how to use a computer, including familiarizing them with Microsoft Word and Internet use, and learning and improving keyboarding skills.

Conversation Circles
The Conversation Circle provides a safe, encouraging environment in which to have fun while practicing English language skills through playing word games and physical activities. It is an opportunity for newcomers to understand English speaking concepts and idioms, helping to increase English vocabulary, and to identify and practice diction for speech clarity. Clients benefit in many ways, including: being creative through storytelling and writing poetry; obtaining knowledge and understanding about employment in Canada; finding out information about Ontario Health Care and Canadian politics; learning customer service skills, and much more.

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops
Healthy Lifestyle workshops are designed to help newcomers reduce the stress of everyday living while adjusting to Canadian culture while learning to make healthy lifestyle choices. The workshops cover such activities as meditating, growing a garden on your balcony, understanding nutrition as outlined in Canada’s Food Guide, making smart choices when shopping for food, and using safe food handling practices. The Healthy Lifestyle workshops are also structured to help clients practice and increase English skills and gain a wider understanding of Canadian culture.

Job Search Workshop for Newcomers
This two week program is offered in partnership with the City of Toronto and Access Alliance to offer newcomers information and advice on employment and settlement in Canada. Participants will learn about our labour market, employer expectations, successful workplace practices and employment standards. They will also develop a résumé, cover letter and learn interviewing skills while gaining knowledge about Canadian culture and work life.

New Knowledge, New Steps for Newcomers Program
This is a six-week essential skills program for new and not-so-new immigrants to help navigate the Canadian job market. Participants will work with an Employment Counsellor to develop a program that fits their needs and gives them the experience to navigate the path to employment. Activities range from language and communication skills to computer and internet use. Goals and ambitions will be examined.  Participants will engage in field trips, vocational assessments, job search activities, professional networking to learn about labour market trends and Canadian business culture.

To qualify for this program, you are:

  • a recipient of Ontario Works
  • have a minimum LINC level of 4
  • motivated to explore steps to reach your career goals in the Canadian market
  • available to attend program hours of Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm