Send-a-Kid to Camp


Help make memories to last a lifetime with a gift to our Summer Camps.

For over 100 years, The Neighbourhood Group has offered summer camps for children ages 7 to 12. Our camps provide wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and play where kids get to take part in swimming, sports, day trips, arts and crafts and more.

Camp also helps children to build their confidence and provides valuable mentorship.

But many of our children need help to get to camp. Our campers come from high need areas including the Moss Park, St. James Town, Crescent Town and Teesdale neighbourhoods.  Many live on low incomes, face other challenges and aren’t able to afford summer camp.

Please give today to help a child get to camp:

  • $75 sends a kid to camp for one week
  • $150 sends a kid to camp for two weeks
  • $750 sends a kid to camp for the whole summer

Please know that whatever amount you’re able to give will be much appreciated.

Click Here to help send-a-kid to camp.

Here is what some of our campers have to say:

‘I love summer camp because I learned how to swim and went to places I’ve never been before’ –Nusaybah, age 9

‘At camp I get to see parts of the City I never even knew were there’ – Chris, age 11

‘I got to meet new people and play new fun games’ – Adel, age 9

On behalf of our campers and their families, we thank you so much for your kind support.