Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)

Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC) Taylor Massey* is a community development initiative funded by United Way Toronto to support residents creating positive changes in their communities. ANC is a vital part of United Way Toronto’s Building Strong Neighbourhoods strategy.

The ANC staff work with residents to:

  • Develop a neighbourhood vision and plans to create positive change
  • Organize resident-led neighbourhood associations
  • Create opportunities for residents to come together
  • Connect with service providers, elected officials, faith groups and funders
  • Work with peers to develop a culture of resident engagement
  • Organize community events such as Jane’s Walk and cultural celebrations.

It is important for residents to come together to create the communities they want for themselves and their families. When residents come together for the good of their communities, big changes happen! Residents of Taylor Massey are working on many exciting things to create positive change including:

  • Safety initiatives
  • Starting their own programs and services
  • Learning new skills from each other
  • Organizing workshops about tenant issues
  • Community gardening
  • Beautifying public spaces.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact our ANC office:
ANC – Action For Neighbourhood Change
The Neighbourhood Group Community Services
3097 Danforth Avenue
Toronto ON  M1L 1A8

Click here for more information on the United Way web site about this vital initiative.

* Taylor Massey (Crescent Town) is one of Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods. It is bounded by Main Street, Pharmacy Avenue, Danforth Avenue and Gower Street.