Employment Programs

Career Exploration

This is a three-day program for individuals who are unsure of the type of work they want to pursue. With a referral from an employment counsellor, participants will benefit from using a series of vocational assessments to explore individual interests, personality type, skills and values. By the end of the program, participants will have a better understanding of the work to which they are best suited.

Job Works

This one-week intensive program is designed to help clients enhance their job search skills. Clients will learn what transferable skills are, how to write a cover letter and résumé, how to be successful during the interview process, how to network to gain access to the hidden job market and how to job search using social media.

Youth Employment and Skills Strategy:

Youth Works

Youth Works is a 14-week pre-employment program for youth who are out of school and work and are looking for employment. During the first six weeks of the program, participants engage in a variety of pre-employment training, life skills training, conflict resolution and certification in WHMIS, First Aid/CPR and Smart Serve. Youth will also have an opportunity to work with our Counsellor Advocate who can help connect with community-based resources. Once the pre-employment training is complete, they will work with our team to secure a two-month job placement.

To qualify for this program, youth must be:
  • 15 to 30 years old
  • eligible to work in Canada (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, and Protected Person)
  • out of school and out of work
  • available to attend program, Monday to Friday, 10 am – 4 pm.

Interested individuals MUST register and attend a screening session to qualify. Please call 416-691-7407 or email infoES@tngcs.org and indicate that you are interested in speaking about Youth Works.

Employment Essentials:

New Knowledge, New Steps for Newcomers

This is a six-week essential skills program for new and not-so-new immigrants to help navigate the Canadian job market. Participants will work with an Employment Counsellor to develop a program that fits their needs and gives them the experience to navigate the path to employment. Activities range from language and communication skills to computer and internet use. Goals and ambitions will be examined. Participants will engage in field trips, vocational assessments, job search activities, professional networking to learn about labour market trends and Canadian business culture.

To qualify for this program, you are:

  • a recipient of Ontario Works
  • have a minimum LINC level of 4
  • motivated to explore steps to reach your career goals in the Canadian market
  • available to attend program hours of Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Moving Forward

This is an eight-week essential skills program offered in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for people facing roadblocks to work-life balance (i.e. stress, interpersonal relationships, mood, feelings of anxiety and/or depression). The Moving Forward program offers; career exploration, computer training, job search skills and techniques, workplace success strategies, life coping and management strategies, health and wellness, and individual counselling support throughout. A program facilitator will work collaboratively with participants to create an individualized program plan outlining steps toward personal, health and work goals.

To qualify for this program, you are:

  • a recipient of Ontario Works
  • at least 18 years of age
  • looking for support to manage health barriers and in the process of seeking and maintaining employment
  • available to attend program hours of Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Carry On Program

This is an 8-week Cognitive Behavioural therapeutic (CBT) program for people with mood disorders/substance abuse and other mental health barriers to employment.

The program includes assessment, interactive webinars and self-directed activities to practice and apply CBT tools, creation of an individual treatment plan, weekly CBT therapy and phone support. Clients will learn and practice skills to identify and manage negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours which have arisen or increased due to Covid-19, in order to reframe them and bring about positive behavioural change.

Once completed, clients will leave with an Individual Post-Plan including self– management tools in their individual toolbox, referrals to external and internal resources as well as access to support as needed.


The Ontario government has the information to help people make important education and training or career planning decisions. Online tools include:

  • Ontario Job Futures provides information on current trends and future outlooks for around 200 occupations common to Ontario. For 2015, the site has also been improved so you can easily access it from any device – including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Employment Profile provides information about graduate outcomes and satisfaction to help people choose programs at Ontario’s publicly-funded colleges.
  • Ontario Skills Passport provides descriptions of Essential Skills and work habits important for success in work, learning and life.